Senior Business Consultant - Core Banking Systems

Application Innovation

Our rapidly growing banking sector solutions practice calls for an individual with strong critical thinking abilities and be able to provide functional application support on one or more TEMENOS products/ other products, throughout all stages of client projects. The Senior Business Consultant focuses on the most complex functional issues and provides guidance and coaching to the wider team of Consultants. He/She is expected to envision how the solutions would lead to tangible business outcomes and lead the team to solve same complex functional issues.


∗ Analyze client business requirements and relate them to TEMENOS products/ other product capabilities by completion of implementation workbooks. ∗ Identify any gaps between the Client’s business/ functional requirements and the TEMENOS/ other product capabilities and generate proposals for their resolution (e.g. workarounds, changes in processes or application changes) and ensure any solutions proposed are realistic and within the agreed scope of the project. ∗ Validate all functional decisions for the projects to ensure optimum utilization of deployed products. ∗ Define customization needs for TEMENOS/ other products as per agreed business definitions. ∗ Write specifications, if and when needed, for local development and ensure that the relevant development team(s) have a clear understanding of these specifications. ∗ Participate in the configuration of the TEMENOS/ other products through the definition of static and semi-static data for system installation. ∗ Participate in functional testing and support Client testing. ∗ Liaise with the TEMENOS / other products maintenance groups to ensure that the product problems identified are understood and resolved. ∗ Participate in the review of client organization, processes and workflows, and contribute to the proposal of the target organization, processes and workflows to maximize the Client’s benefit from the TEMENOS products/ other products. ∗ Make recommendations on best banking practices to the Project Manager and alert him on practices that might damage the client’s business or contradict legal requirements, before recognition as a problem by the client. ∗ Conduct parts or all of the User training in a subject, which includes design, customization and update of Training Materials and Handouts. ∗ Provide consultancy and advice to clients and consultants on matters related to the implementation of TEMENOS/ other products. ∗ Run functional workshops to meet specific project needs. ∗ Provide assistance to the Engagement and Solutions Manager for the planning of all aspects of the implementation of TEMENOS/ other products.

Critical Skills

*       Strong communication skills, and be able to work with customers at all levels

*       5+ years of experience in banking software consultancy.

*       In depth understanding of the banking process

*       Functional experience in TEMENOS T24/ other core banking applications

*       Knowledge of banking/financial software application

*       Excellent customer service skills


*       Relevant Degree with core subject area being Software Systems

*       Certifications or demonstrable proficiency software consultancy

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