Consultant - Telecom

Service Creation

We are looking for dynamic and innovative young talent with a formal higher education background and deeper telecommunications industry experience to join the pre-sales engineering team for the Telecom Service Creation business unit at N-able. He/She is expected to lead our technology neutral services co-creation approach to innovate Telecommunication solutions.


∗ Develop Solution Offerings around dynamically evolving customer requirements within the above Telecom Service Creation business scope. ∗ Initiate technical discussions, technical presentations, and requirement gathering sessions with potential customers in the sphere of telecommunication. ∗ Design, size and build solutions around the gathered requirements and present these to customers in the form of formal proposals, presentations and workshops

Critical Skills

Ø  3GPP / IMS infrastructure services – ePC, IMS, PS-Core, CS-Core, IMS, PCC

Ø  Charging and billing: CvBS,OCS,OFCS

Ø  WIFI services core – WAG, WAC, AAA

Ø  VoIP services – LCR, RCS solutions, WebRTC apps and gateways, Transcoders

Ø  Digital Services: Chatbots, Mobile Advertising, OTT TV

Ø  OTT services – CDN, DRM, CMS

Ø  SDN / NFV transformation of existing appliances with MANO and SFC


*       Should possess a Bachelor’s Degree from a reputed university in the field of Telecommunication or Computer Science with minimum 5 years post qualifying experience.

*       Should demonstrate innovative thinking with ability to adaptively address different customer scenarios.

*       Fluency in English with skills in conducting technical presentations and solution writing, effective customer conversations with a good command of English language.

*       Should be able to demonstrate deeper sense of understanding of how business drivers can be influenced by creative suctioning using underlying technologies.

*        At least two years of industry experience in analyzing and understanding customer requirements, translating such requirements into above telecommunication solutions.

*       Having a MBA or post graduate degree will be an added advantage

About N*Able

We believe in getting the best people and letting them do what they're best at. We offer flexibility to lead your projects, and an open and collaborative environment. We give our people the freedom to exercise judgment and count on their innovation to drive the business forward. Growing our skills and expanding our abilities is very important to us, and our people are trained by some of the most talented veterans in the industry.

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