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Senior Software Engineer - Integration Development

Do you believe in readily embracing change, and learning new technologies in an agile and results-oriented working environment? Then we just might have an opportunity for you. We are N-able, a technology solutions company that creates enhanced value, through meaningful business outcomes, for our customers and stakeholders, in the Telecom, Banking and Financial, Public, and Enterprise sectors. N-able was founded in 2008, with a vision to disrupt and transform age-old industries, and to be radical in using technology to ‘do better business’. Today, with a turnover of more than USD 20 million, our 200-plus team of skilled professionals have been responsible for successfully delivering several transformational technology projects the country has seen to date. People are the heart and soul of N-able. people know that our work is ultimately to better serve our customers, which takes sheer skill, commitment, and cross-collaborative teamwork. Which is why we look for individuals with a willingness to learn, share and to adapt, to join our team.

The Person we are looking for

We are currently looking for a passionate and goal driven Senior Software Engineer to be part of our Digital Transformation solution area, an exciting practice that focuses on the following. 


I. Modernizinglegacy application architectures to enable the development of interactive, customer-centric Digital Applications through Integration technologies 


II. Help customers adopt and participate in the Open API eco-systems quickly, securely and effectively and be able to get maximum business benefit 


III. Facilitate customers’ cloud adoption journey through implementation of cloud and hybrid integrations as well as by leveraging the power of and cloud-nativeintegration capabilities 


You will get the unique opportunity to work intier-1 telecom, banking and enterprise customers to deliver solutions in the above areas using a mix of architectural styles – Micro Integration, Service Oriented, Resource Oriented and Event-Centric.  


In this position, you will be responsible for design, development and support of integration applications using IBM and WSO2 platform technologies for Agile integration platform (formerly ESB), API Management (APIM), Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) and Event Streams. You will be provided with professional training in multiple settings that have proven successful for us over the years. 


You will have to work in an agile environment, collaborating with highly skilled professionals who are proactive, passionate about technology and are results-driven


·  Understand and analyze the integration requirements of Digital transformation solutions that stems from    customers application modernization, application transformation and digital channel enablement initiatives  


·   Evaluate and identify architecturally optimal integration patterns that suite the specific integration requirements by     evaluating functional requirements, security, performance and scalability requirements of the solution 


·   Design and develop integration flows for mediating messages, orchestrating services, consuming and processing        events, exposing and consuming API’s based on the selected architectural patterns 

What we require

The Skills & Experience Required 


·  Have3+ years of experience in enterprise application development and platform-centric development (on integration    platforms - IBM ESB, MuleSoft ESB, WSO2 ESB, etc.) in large enterprise environments with following specific skills    and experience. 


·  Experience in Enterprise Application development using microservice style. Practical application of domain-driven    design in breaking complex functional requirements into independent micro-components evaluate their bounded    contexts and exposing their capabilities via clean consumer centric interfaces 


·  Experience in applying Service Oriented and Resource Oriented architecture styles in developing and exposing    services interfaces and ability to decouple integration logic from business logic in enterprise applications for    achieving scalability and maintainability goals 


·   Experience in design and development of integration artifacts with enterprise grade middleware platforms such as     Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2ESB, MuleSoft ESB, IBM ESB), API Management platforms (WSO2API Manager, IBM    API Connect or Apigee API Manager) 


·   Experience in packaging microservices applications in containers (Docker, ContainerD)and deploying them into    container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes will be a definite advantage 


·   Experience with Relational databases and use of SQL are mandatory whereas experience inworking with NoSQL    technologies specifically document databases is a definitive advantage 


·   Experience as a team leader, lead software engineer in an agile development environment is a definitive advantage 


·   Scripting skills, both Operating System shell scripting and Database scripting is preferred 


·    Experience inworking with UNIX and/or Linux systems is preferred 




·    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent qualification 


·     Industry Certifications in at least one enterprise grade middleware systems are preferred but not mandatory 

Our Offer

We believe in getting the best people and letting them do what they're best at. We offer flexibility to lead your projects, and an open and collaborative environment. We give our people the freedom to exercise judgment and count on their innovation to drive the business forward. Growing our skills and expanding our abilities is very important to us, and our people are trained by some of the most talented veterans in the industry. If you feel you could add value to our business and would benefit by being part of our team, please send your CV to

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