Transforming the
Telecom Landscape

Digital CX

Increasing Customer Loyalty

Connecting to customers in the digital age

Customer loyalty is at the heart of the service provider's growth. With low switching costs and availability of different providers, retaining customer loyalty becomes key as the service provider deploys more services and increases the breadth and depth of its offering.

We create compelling solutions that help service providers gain customer loyalty and retain it.

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Digital CX

Omni Channel

Mobile Apps

Development of mobile apps, app marketplaces and delivery mechanisms.

Digital Portals

Digital portals for Valued Added Services across all sectors; telecom services, utilities, entertainment and finance

Digital Call Centers

Digitally enabled call centers to provide customer support across all channels, compatible with the operator's CRM strategy


Rapid automation and efficiency improvements with bots that can be deployed across any service area

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Digital CX

Digital Marketing

Campaign Management

Digital marketing campaign management for service providers that connect across multiple platforms and channels

Contextual Promotion

Contextual promotions using first party data owned by the operator combined with behavioral analytics and automated marketing

Edge Cloud

An Edge Cloud architecture is used to decentralize(processing) power to the edges (clients/devices) of your networks.  Within the cloud model, such 'intelligent 'tasks are performed by servers so they can be transferred to other devices with less or almost no computing power.

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Digital CX

Customer Services


Robust applications to manage customer relationships as the service provider interacts with the customer across multiple products, verticals and channels.


Manage customer experiences across multiple channels and product verticals, providing a memorable brand experience.

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Digital Revenue

Catalyzing Digital
Revenue Streams

Expanding beyond voice based revenue

With the rapid developments in mobile services and OTT players, telecom operators have to look for newer ways of protecting customer loyalty and capitalize on the new opportunities to expand revenue using digital services.

We enable operators make use of these opportunities to build scalable and sustainable revenue streams from digital services.

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Digital Revenue

Digital Voice

Unified Communications

Communication channels that are unified regardless of back-end technology to provide a seamless experience to the customer


Standards-based architectural framework for deliveringmultimedia communications services such as voice, video and text messaging overIP networks.


Using Wifi technology to change the way customers look at voice-based communications

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Digital Revenue



Platforms, Applications and solution deployments for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions across a large number of use cases.


Technology enabling connectivity beyond traditional network systems and architectures.

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Digital Revenue

Digital Content


Game development, marketplaces and monetization for service providers to create new revenue streams.


Augmented reality application developments and deployments to create new digital services for both consumer and enterprise markets.


Virtual reality application developments and deployments to create new digital services for both consumer and enterprise markets.


Development, deployment of IPTV technologies, including content sourcing, billing and contextual promotion.

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Digital Revenue

Service Provider Digital Transformation


Creating a new revenue source for service providers by enabling them to provide security solutions across multiple verticals.

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Digital OPS

Digital Transformation for Service Providers

Scalable digital technologies for service providers

With telecom operators being at the heart of digital transformation, the need for cutting edge digital technology to power its operations is at an all time high.

We provide digital transformation services that allow operators to grow with speed and scale by digitally transforming core operations.

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Digital Ops


Virtual Core

Core network virtualization can be achieved by leveraging network functions virtualization technology, which has played a major role in reshaping the telecom landscape.

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Digital Ops



Automate key sales activities and create a robust sales force that improves efficiencies and allows growth across multiple product verticals


Robotic Process Automation allows the operator to use Bots to automate repetitive tasks, creating efficiencies and reducing wasteage.


Service-oriented communications (SOC) technologies are designed to be easily used in the context of service-oriented architectures. This is often in the form of a suite of web services, but may also be attached to other means of sharing the services such as an enterprise system bus.

RAN Optimization

Radio access network optimization can be defined as the set of activities that are required in an already active wireless communications network in order to improve or maintain performance.

Video Optimization

With an exponential increase in video traffic over networks in the last few years, Video optimization allows video transport to be more efficient for benefit of both the operator and the customer.

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Digital Ops



An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a new architecture that exploits Web services, messaging middleware, intelligent routing, and transformation. ESBs act as a lightweight, ubiquitous integration backbone through which software services and application components flow.


Use APIs to create new operational efficiencies and develop new Value Added Services through the operator's own platforms or in collaboration with third party platforms.

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Digital Ops

Application Migration

Application Migration

Migrate mission critical applications to new platforms, without putting operations at risk.

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Digital Ops

Emerging Technologies

Digital OSS / BSS

Digitally powered Operations Support Systems and Business Support Systems to fully take advantage of the digital environment.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create new services, and push the envelope of what's possible with technology.


Virtualize network services, such as routers, firewalls and load balancers. With NFV, operators don't need dedicated hardware for each network function.


An approach to network management that enables dynamic, programmatically efficient network configuration in order to improve network performance and monitoring.

Data Center

End-to-end Data Center services; Design, Consultation, Implementation, Configuration and Deployment, with Uptime Institute certified professionals.

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Digital Workforce

Mobilizing the workforce of the 21st Century

Enabling a digitally driven economy

With the high availability of digital services, businesses are moving towards more agile workforces, with remote working, gig-workers and teleconferencing playing a key role in the modern workplace.

N-able's solutions help put telecom operators at the heart of this cultural and economic transformation.

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Digital Workforce

Digital Workforce Mobilization


Consultancy services to help manage and co-create digital workplace solutions.

Managed Services

Managed services to help operators offer digital worforce mobility solutions to enterprise customers

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