Large Complex Projects

We have stood out amongst our competitors because we are able to craft highly customized offerings, independent of vendor or technology provider. Throughout our 10 year history, we have pivoted our skills and operating models, hiring new skills and expanding our reach to meet customer needs. It is this customer first approach to technology that has led us to be the No 1 solution provider for large complex projects.

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Our Solution Areas

Starting with providing networking solutions, we have grown to encompass a number of disciplines, from cybersecurity, middleware to advanced analytics. As such, we are uniquely positioned to bring interdisciplinary talent to every project, creating value for our customers.

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Delivering complex services doesn’t end with delivery. We have built a robust multi-vendor Day 2 support services arm with a 24 x 7 x 365 helpline to ensure timely IT troubleshooting. N*Tac is a standalone service, and can be obtained by any enterprise for support on all IT maintenance and support services. It is staffed by a team of high calibre engineers, with expertise in multiple vendors and technologies.

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Focused Initiatives

Because of our interdisciplinary experience, we see a select few areas to have massive potential to change the lives of all Sri Lankans. These flagship initiatives are focused on very specific areas, with the aim of discovering 'insights for an efficient and intelligent world'

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Quality is not an anecdote to our solution, rather the foundation on which we build everything. Quality at N*Able is not a haphazard exercise to meet customer needs, but a meticulously thought through process of combining policy with actionable methodology.