Telecom Solutions

At the Heart of the digital revolution

Telecom Operators are at the heart of the digital revolution. Every revolutionory product or service which has emerged in the last ten years, has been because of the internet, which is built on the infrastructure of the telecom operators, making them indispensable to the digital revolution. However, with the emergence of over-the-top players like whatsapp and viber, traditional revenues enjoyed by the operator is now lost. Our goal is to provide services that allow operators to add value to their customers, and optimize the network, in order to remain competitive, and sustainable.

From provider of bits and bytes to strategic lifestyle partner.

One of the biggest challenges for the telecom operators of today is to find new ways and means to connect with their customers on a truly meaningful level. As high-end technology, superior bandwidths become the norm, operators are looking for new "value added services" to increase loyalty, and to have a permanent place in the lives of the customer. N*Able's Telecom Service Creation Solution portfolio aims to solve this problem by way of creating solutions that help identify customer needs and consumption patterns, creating better accesibility and to provide ease of accesss in using the operator's services.

Creating Operating efficiencies for better customer experience

With increasing costs in operating and maintaining multiple bandwidths and technologies, operators are looking for newer ways to expand reach and provide better customer experiences. N*Able's Evolving Telecom solutions address this, providing alternate means to expand the network, using self optimizing technologies to provide better customer experience.

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