Critical Facilities

Digital Lives in the physical

As digital starts to infuse itself into every aspect of our lives, the physical spaces around us too change. Our critical facilities practice provides technology to augment physical spaces, providing connectivity and security. It furthers this by designing and building dedicated facilities that power digital services and ultimately, leading to a connected world.

Becoming a true data center specialist

What started as an extension of our skills, resulted in the becoming a full fledged specialist team. The design and build of data centers is a very speficifc and focused disciplined we've incubated over the years, enabling us to be one of the few, if not the only solution provider who can be a one-stop-shop to design and build data centers.

Security and Connectivity for critical physical facilities

Our capability in the area of physical access security and connectivity for critical facilities is testamented by the number of large scale deployments we've done for key government facilities, such as the Ministry of Defense, Kotalawela Defense University, the Southern Expressway and the Head Office for the Department for the Registration of Persons.

Sri Lanka Telecom Tier 3 Datacenter

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Southern Expressway

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