Application Innovation

Agility through digital

Many large enterprises with mission critical applications – banks and telecoms in particular, continued their businesses with monolithic legacy applications. However, with the consumer demographic revolution and rapid changes in the market landscape, with consumers requiring more instantaneous digital services, these companies found it difficult to respond to these needs, as their core applications are not agile enough to provide the necessary user experience.


We study these applications, and create a connectivity layer so the functions of the application could be delivered as granular “micro-services”, allowing for automation of mission critical business processes.

These services can range from customer onboarding, request management to complex processes such as customer order management (telecom), remittance processing, mobile cash management (Banking) and inter-bank payment processes.

Modular Business Services

In an era where banks and telecoms are looking to provide a seamless user experience unified across all touch points, especially digital channels to engage with customers from anywhere anytime, we bring in, our experience in delivering business functionality through modular, re-usable, granular business services became a key component in the digital journey service creation.

Rapid Onboarding of Global Exchange Houses

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Creating agility for businesses built on legacy applications

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