Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Data Driven Insights

We saw that as businesses created increasing amount of data, they were unable to derive value from it. Mining actionable insights from their data was a complex and costly exercise. We wanted to address this customer pain point. With this, we created our Advanced Analytics practice- with the sole purpose of bringing in actionable insights.

Our approach was to first allow the customer to make use of their own data sources, and realize the value they hold, instead of starting with 3rd party data sources – a costly and time consuming exercise. Using this data, we gave insights that created massive opportunities for our customers . We built our team with some of the smartest mathematicians, BI developers and big data engineers.

Big Data

With exponentially growing amounts of data, traditional storage technologies have become obsolete. To address this, we have brought together a team of big data engineers, to create the rockbed on which companies will build a data driven decision making culture. We have demonstrated excellence in this area by deploying Sri Lanka's first telecom grade big data solution at Mobitel.

Predictive Analytics

Our predictive analytics teams has deployed a number of game-changing solutions across multiple industries, that allowed to predict the outcomes of their decisions. We created predictive models for a wide array of use cases, from predicting the turnover rate of employees at a major manufacturer to understanding how customers are likely to uptake a bank's cross selling efforts.

Data Vizualisation

Insights, and data alone is not enough. Smart, comprehensible vvisualisation is what allows the decision maker to comprehend the facts, digest it, and understand its implications. And good data visualisation is a need across organizations in any industry, regardless of size. And because of our commitment to this discipline, we have been able to provide visualisation solutions for large infrastructure projects, sales teams and c-suite dashboards.

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