Transforming the Public Sector Technology Landscape

N-able is a committed partner to the transformation of the public sector in order to provide a positive impact to Sri Lanka. We have been involved in key technology initiatives in the public sector that has helped the Government of Sri Lanka to build, operate and maintain projects such as the national highway, modernizing the public transport sector and support the critical systems that manage the income and expenditure of the Government. 


Our Success Stories

1) Providing System Infrastructure and Managed Services for the 2 most critical financial applications in the Government of Sri Lanka for the last 5+ years.

Solution Components:

·        Compute, Network and Storage infrastructure with VMware virtualization

·        Network security solution with two firewall layers and antivirus solution in client, network and server ends

·        Business continuity solution with Disaster recovery

·        Call Center

·        Helpdesk


2) Ground-up design, build, supply and maintain Sri Lanka’s National Tier-3 Data Center.

Solution Components:

·        3 MV Datacenter Building

·        500 Rack Space

·        Physically Separated Guest and Admin Network


3)Multiple projects for passive cabling of the largest Public Sector building complex in Sri Lanka.

Solution Components:

·        4 Buildings which were 4 separate projects

·        Supply, implement and maintain the Cabling System for Local Area Network (LAN) and Telephone

·        Supply, implement and maintain the Cabling System for IPTV, CCTV and IP Surveillance

·        Supply, implement and maintain the Cabling System for Door Access Control



4) South Asia’s Largest Firewall Solution.

Solution Components:

·        Connecting all Telco's Securely

·        500 Rack Space


5) Sri Lanka’s 1st Cisco Nexus 7K Project.

Solution Components:

·        For Sri Lanka’s national telecom provider

·        45 Racks Connectivity via Cisco Nexus 7K/5K/2K

·        Commscope based OM3 to deliver 10G SR Based DCB Solution


6)Providing virtualized environment for one of Sri Lanka’s critical trade platforms.

Solution Components:

·        Servers and Storage for Platform

·        Virtualized Server Infrastructure for Platform


7) Providing video conferencing capabilities for Sri Lanka’s leadership team.

Solution Components:

·        Network Infrastructure Improvement

·        Video Conferencing Solution


8) Providing software Defined Storage solution for the IDC of Sri Lanka’s national telecom provider.

Solution Components:

·        Shared storage systems for IDC Customers (7 storage systems since 2010 in two datacenters)

·        Software Defined Storage (3 storage systems in three datacenters)



9) IOT driven solution for one of Sri Lanka’s national transport service providers.

Solution Components:

·        Gate solution for 200 crossings to be protected as Phase 1

·        Won against Global Giants such as General Electrical, LG Industrial Systems etc.


10) Island-wide Carrier Class Wi-Fi Hotspot Solution.

Solution Components:

·        For Sri Lanka’s national telecom provider

·        Island wide150 Hotspot Sites

·        Integration with operator’s operations support system and business support system

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