Rajitha Wickramasinghe

Principal Consultant - Information Infrastructure

'Wicky' as he is known throughout the company and the industry, can be quickly identified at N*able as the tallest and broadest person to grace the Sri Lankan IT industry, ever. Beginning his career at Softlogic Trading (Pvt) Ltd as a Network Engineer he felt he was not doing himself justice by straying from his chosen career path, being a graduate from the University of Moratuwa and a CISCO Certified Inter-Network Expert (CCIE).  

He joined Millennium Information Technologies as a pre-sales engineer later moving into post-sales delivery and implementation; a move which enabled him to put his skills as an engineer to better use. As N*able was formed, Wicky was one of the first engineers on board. Although he received many other offers, he chose to join N*able, a start-up company. Upon joining, Wicky had the unique distinction of being the first onsite engineer for the very first project undertaken and completed by N*able for a telecom operator from the Maldives. 

He fondly recalls memories of a time during the recession when projects were few and far between when everyone would work together on a single project. "Because there were no projects at the time, when a project did come our way we all got together and did it with a lot of enthusiasm. But this resulted in very high quality work. And it was this quality of work that N*able became known for and the eventual reason for our success." 

Now as a part of the Networking Team at N*able and heading implementation on a number of projects, Wicky has moved beyond a simple technical role. "I started as a purely technical person, but here I play a more diversified role, contributing to sales, implementation and management. If the sales people and engineers don't get along, we can't successfully operate this business." While Wicky feels that it is the technical capability and the quality of N*able's work that has been the reason for the company's continued success he feels it is the internal environment within N*able which has allowed this collaboration across business units and the resulting quality if work. 

"Here there is no hierarchy; it is a friendly environment where we can resolve issues directly and easily. There is a little competition among business units but no animosity. At N*able everyone contributes to the business in any way they can, because they feel a part of it, and want it to succeed."