Prasad Kularatne

Principal Consultant

A veteran engineer in the field and a former engineering consultant at IBM, Prasad is N*able's principal consultant and chief architect; heading a number of business practices including Information Infrastructure, and the exciting new Business Analytics practice which uses Big Data and Predictive Models to deliver business insights to clients. While he was comfortable and had promising prospects at IBM, Prasad decided to leave and join N*able as it allowed him to be more creative in designing solutions. "When you work for a multi-national, you're limited by the technology they provide. 

When you consider IT infrastructure solutions based on their technology, your creativity and innovation are limited by their supported solution configurations. Custom-built workarounds are discouraged. So your solutions will have the same limitations carried in their technology." As a young Engineering Graduate from the Moratuwa University, Prasad was hired by IBM to its Sri Lankan office, where he quickly scaled up as an IT professional.  Within a year of field experience, he took up the challenge of leading the technical support team at IBM's UNIX platform based solutions.

His key contribution to IBM came from his efforts to grow the professional services component of its traditional hardware-centric business to a significant capacity. Through this solutioning approach, he lead the efforts to gain the UNIX server and Storage market share leadership for IBM in Sri Lanka with some very significant migrations from competitive platforms. Whilst there, he also completed his Master's degree in Computer Science from Moratuwa with First Class honors. Although he had a comfortable job and multiple opportunities at various multi-nationals globally, Prasad felt he needed to test out his strengths on his own. 

"The IBM brand was very powerful and attracted a lot of projects. I wasn't sure if it was my competency and capability that was winning projects or IBM's brand. I wanted to distinguish and understand the value I was bringing." "I had heard of the company that Peter had begun, with Vajira, Indika and the others. Even though I was happy at IBM in terms of salary and related benefits, I felt restricted by the scope. I wanted to find out what I could do without the IBM brand behind me." "Peter's proposition to me was very powerful because it was liberal, it offered me a lot of freedom to exercise my own judgment. It was an opportunity to test how effective and successful my decisions can be  "whether I can be as successful as I was at IBM outside of it; outside of the IBM brand"

Now at N*able, he is a key driver of business and revenue, delivering solutions of the highest standard and driving the growth of the company and its transition towards a professional services led organization. Looking towards the future of the company he helped build, Prasad feels the key lies not only in vision but largely in how good you are at execution. "The toughest thing is not to have a vision; it is to have a practical execution plan to drive that vision." An extremely diligent and enviably hard working individual, Prasad is the consummate professional at the N*able workplace. His personality remains larger than life  with every exchange and encounter being an experience of its own.