Peter D'Almeida

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive of N*able, Peter D'Almeida, is a personality you won't easily forget. You may say that with Peter, there is usually more than what meets the eye. A respected actor in Sri Lankan theatre, television and film, he remains larger than life in character. With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry under his belt, Peter is the founder of N*able, and has been responsible for driving much needed change within the IT industry.

Peter's working life began in a cubicle, as an officer with the State Bank of India where he spent seven years, many of which were dedicated to winning worker benefits for his fellow employees. In a subtle twist of fate, he agreed to help a friend co-found an IT start-up; a small venture that went on to become East-West Information Systems (e-wis). This foray into the world of information technology led him down a path that saw him appointed as the country head for Sun Microsystems in India, before being made CEO of Millennium ESP: the enterprise service business of Millennium IT.

At home and abroad Peter participated in the work of pioneers: introducing open computing to Sri Lanka, converged MPSL networks and Next Generation Security Solutions for business. But he felt something was missing.In late 2008, Peter brought 12 people together with a shared vision: to enable business through technology. Understanding that IT companies at the time did not bring any real value to business, they sought ' and fought ' to change this. Peter was determined that they could leverage IT to deliver specific, targeted and measurable business outcomes."IT at that time was viewed as more of an expense and a burden by business leaders. There were no visible business benefits from investing in technology.

We wanted to change that."It succeeded. Today, N*able is seen as a top IT company in Sri Lanka, and has been the fastest growing IT business in the country, both in terms of revenue and profit. Looking back on a 6 year journey, Peter is proud of how far the company and its people have come, growing both as individuals and as an organization. "I am proud to see how the team has evolved. The projects we are handling today and the roles played by each individual have all changed significantly. No one is where they started."As a company Peter feels N*able has now outgrown IT, the focus of the company from the start was to create value for business. While the core of the company remains engineering skill today, its uniqueness is the ability to use technology to drive business outcomes. 

"We have the capability to identify, understand and adopt technology early, and use it to build a value proposition. We have the ability to visualize how technology can be used to create value for business.""I would say that our biggest strength is our leadership and its ability to attract smart people, and take them on a journey to drive a shared vision which is greater than themselves or the company" At N*able, Peter has achieved just that.

Today, the leadership has set itself a vision which truly transcends the business: Connecting people and things, with insights, for an efficient and intelligent world. And it is this focus, of creating a better world, of uplifting humanity and making a positive impact to society that motivates Peter every day. "The real purpose behind business, and technology, is not just to create value for business, but for society and humanity. Sustainability should not only be sustaining business but sustaining humanity."Always appreciative of the simple things in life, for this cause, Peter is willing to dedicate the rest of his.