Indika Karunaratne

Principal Consultant - Telecommunications

Indika joined N*able with the intent of continuing the same technical role he fulfilled at Millenium IT for 4 years - an engineering consultant providing end-to-end networking solutions to service providers. However, after joining the N*able family, much has changed in how he views the business and contributes to it, heading the Service Provider and Enterprise Networking business. 

"There is a lot I learned from N*able. At Millenium I was happily doing a technical role, not having any idea as to what happened beyond that. But here I have learned how the business operates and how a company can evolve, for better or for worse." One of the founding members, Indika is the first employee to join N*able. He joined the company after rejecting offers from IBM and Alcatel Lucent. 

He felt he needed to work for a local company having received his education at the prestigious Royal College in Colombo and the University of Moratuwa, both government funded institutions. "I had made a decision that if I was to remain in Sri Lanka, I will work for a Sri Lankan company. If you work for a multi-national, then we are taking local business out of the country." Having been involved in several large scale projects such as the Southern Expressway for the RDA, Metro-Ethernet and Mobile Broadband projects at Dialog, Indika is now handling the next phase of these projects as an established business leader within the company. Looking towards the future of N*able, he feels the company needs to 'successfully fail' some of its current businesses in order to make room for new emerging markets which hold massive potential, allowing the company to reach its transformational goals. 

Aside from his contribution to society through his work at N*able, Indika contributes to his alma mater as an active member of the Royal College Union. Currently contributing to the college fraternity in his capacity as Secretary of the Merchandise Advertising and Management Committee of the RCU. A seasoned soccer player for university, Indika has brought to N*able the unique class of Blue and Gold.