Ifadha Anver

Chief Financial Officer

Ifadha Anver has a personality as colourful as her wardrobe. While her bright and colorful attire is a joy to behold each day, it is the playful, childish grin she wears on her face that make you want to greet her each morning. However, as CFO of N*able, adding colour to N*able's office environment on a daily basis is only one of her responsibilities. Ifadha takes to her role with passion, dedication and an innate curiosity to learn. 

These qualities, coupled with her training as a Chartered Accountant, a deep understanding of finance, a keen business knowledge, and experience at 3 different global telecom names, make her a perfect fit and find to bring N*able's financial processes up to speed and to take on the challenges of its future.

Commencing her career at Price Waterhouse and Coopers in 2000, Ifadha became qualified as a chartered account in 2004. After joining Suntel, she quickly progressed from an assistant accountant to finance manager in which capacity she received exposure to financial management, procurement and processes. "Suntel is one of the best company I've worked for. Very well organized and structured, everything was well defined. It is a Swedish company with a superb culture, process driven but very flexible." After Suntel, Ifadha worked at Dialog TV and Airtel as Unit Manager for Business Control and Head of Analysis and Compliance respectively. 

In both companies, her approach allowed her to learn much more than finance. Covering a number of financial and non-financial areas including: feasibility analysis, pricing, profitability analysis, modelling, evaluation and compliance, while gaining valuable industry knowledge and experience in the process. "At Airtel I learned to work under pressure and meet difficult deadlines. Coming from a telecom background: Dialog, Airtel and Suntel, I learned to approach and engage with both engineers and sales people. I was fortunate enough to have good superiors who nurtured me into what I am today." Now, at N*able this experience and deep industry knowledge has been helpful. 

Since joining the company she has voluntarily taken on the challenge of handling procurements aside from her responsibilities as the CFO. "I always wanted to do finance with operations, I think that's my strength. I am not a pure finance person. I want to be engaged with the business and its operations, then you get to interact with customers, suppliers and banks, creating more value to the business with high engagement." In her quest to learn more and grow as an individual, Ifadha has found a place to learn at N*able, be it in business, finance or life. "N*able is in its growth phase, so there was room for me to quickly learn the business. We have opportunities here both as a company and as individuals, if we are willing to take them."