Chaminda Welikanna

Head of Technical Support and Managed Service Operations

His work-ethic and business intuition as prim as his moustache, Chaminda Weikanna is a tenured veteran in support services. 'Weli' as he is known by all his peers, has been a key resource to N*able in establishing its support arm. A swimmer, lifeguard, and cadet at his alma-mater Ananda College, 'Weli' has a disciplined, good-natured, understanding, and overall 'cool' manner about him.

Completing his tertiary education at the Institute of Engineering Technologies he began his career at Suntel, gaining valuable knowledge of business and the telecom industry. Moving into Data Communication he gained expertise in both MPSL and DSL networks. Having secured his MBA from the University of Colombo, he joined N*able in order to build a post-sales support services practice, and to put his experience in the service provider industry to good use. 

Weli now leads the team which not only provides support to solutions deployed by N*able, but to networks in general. Looking to find potential engagements and opportunities across the market, the 'N*able Service Desk' has created a name for itself. Being at the forefront of customer engagement, Weli emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction and the value of customer relationships. "A customer only calls us when they are experiencing some difficulty. We must go the extra mile in order to meet their need, in return we can build long-standing relationships with the customer, resulting in more business opportunity." Weli feels that both N*able and its support practices have similar paths. While support services are integral to the business, he feels its engineers need to be commonly available across all divisions to utilize resources better, identifying engineering capacity, a flat structure and the empowerment given to individual employees as core strengths for the company going forward.

"Support is an area where you need a lot of experience and exposure to be effective. It cannot be learned through a manual, it requires a deep understanding of the entire system in question; this only comes with years of experience. Sometimes, an experienced support engineer will be able to identify a problem in minutes which would take a novice several days." Although resources are scarce, Weli stresses on the importance of constantly being reachable and always being a phone call away.

With this idea in mind the 'N*able Helpline' provides services to all of its customers today, as well as offering these solutions to clients outside its current portfolio. "It is a big commitment to work in a support division, you have to always be contactable and always be on alert. It requires your constant attention, it is at the heart of being customer-centric."