Asitha Iroshana

Principal Consultant - Critical Facilities

An experienced campaigner and a hardy veteran in many business areas ranging from enterprise service to intelligent facilities, Asitha joined N*able directly from Univell, where he had been for 12 long years. Although he had a comfortable and secure job at Univell, Asitha was bored with the work and felt he wasn't realizing his potential there. He joined N*able with the hope of getting involved in larger, more challenging projects with greater scope which can impact both community and business. 

Since joining the company, Asitha has spearheaded several projects including those for the RDA, Sri Lanka Railway and Sri Lanka Telecom. His contribution to the Southern Expressway itself is testimony that his wish of making a broader impact through his work has been accomplished at N*able. As a founding member of the company Asitha fondly recalls the struggle during the early years when the weight of expectations bore down on everyone bringing the team closer together. "At the start it was only a few of us so everyone knew what we were going through, how we felt, and we had to work together. The rumours were that we would close down in a week or a month"

Now looking back on the 6 year long journey, Asitha feels that the company's culture and way of thinking has been the primary reason for its success.  "We all left stable, secure jobs to join this company because we wanted to do something different, something more. We were all radicals. This is a company which takes bold, radical decisions and has thrived because we are different from others" Even though the company has changed with the times, Asitha feels the core values of N*able have remained the same. Looking to the future, Asitha feels that the company has great potential, but realizing it will require a great deal of focus.

He feels the future of N*able rests not in standard IT solutions, but in a broader portfolio of more futuristic and business-centric solutions. "We must target to be an independent operator; capable of delivering end-to-end solutions. We have the most competent engineering team in the country. If we focus ourselves there is no limit to what we can achieve as a company" And with this vision in his mind, Asitha now leads the building of intelligent facilities and data centre build-out which is a significant step out of standard IT solutions and N*able's comfort zone, and directly into the future.