Asanka Rajasinghe

Head of Sales - Telecommunication

Once turned down by the CEO Peter D'Almeida for a position at Millennium IT, Asanka was later recruited by him as a lead sales figure for a new startup called N*able to specifically handle the SLT account. After playing a similar role at his former place of work, Enterprise Technologies, for over two years, Asanka joined forces with N*able to broaden his horizon as a sales leader. 

"I remember we had to go and get the company registered and get the small things done at the start. It was exiting, it's not every day that you get to start a company." After handling customer accounts of Etisalat and SLT for almost five years, the latter being the largest spender on IT in all of Sri Lanka, Asanka is now overlooking the sales function for all telcos in his capacity as Head of Telco Sales. 

Today, as a business leader he is working on establishing long-standing relationships with clients while grooming young sales people to meet the demands of the role. As a leader he is able to understand and visualize how technology can be used to create business value. Aligned with the vision of the company, Asanka is able to grow the business while creating opportunities which will drive growth for both N*able and its customers. 

His experience in the telecom sector has made him the go-to-man to handle all the activities relating to the telecom sector, taking the lead in bringing a different dimension of projects to the company and to the telecom industry in Sri Lanka. Over the past 6 years, Asanka has been driving transformational, futuristic projects, many of which require the integration of complex services in order to deliver specific business outcomes. 

Significant projects such as Value Added Services, WI-FI Connectivity and Data-Centre projects stand testimony of this. Due to their longevity and ongoing nature, the projects required constant negotiation, a task for which Asanka was well-equipped. He is confident now of his role and his skills which have been honed at N*able. "Working with Peter is very challenging, but he's a good guy to learn from. He doesn't spoon-feed you, I am very confident now of what I am doing. We get the freedom to do our job, so I was able to reach that level of maturity fast." 

Asanka is keen and intuitive, with a deep understanding of business, technology and the ability to drive execution to see a project through to the end. He has been an important asset for N*able in growing the business while creating opportunities which can drive targeted business outcomes for customers. He is also an extremely hard-working individual, capable of working closely with clients, creating sustainable value for both N*able and its customers.