Dialing up customer centricity at a large telecom operator

The landscape for the telecom has changed drastically in the last decade, with digital products &services taking priority for the operators, in their bid to compete with OTTs.

Our client, one of the largest telecom operators in Sri Lanka was transitioning itself to become a more agile, digitally relevant operator. One key challenge faced by the operator was that they operated a legacy core system, which made it difficult to release innovative products faster – a quintessential element of providing a personalized customer experience that retained the customer.

The legacy core with its heavily customized OSS and BSS made it nearly impossible to introduce the state of the art CRM system the operator wanted, key to upgrading their customer experience. The stakes of the project was high, as a successful solution to the problem could help the operator pivot in an extremely competitive market.

Our Solution

N*Able’s solution was to redefinethe enterprise architecture of the operator using Service Oriented Integrationprinciples, aligned with the Tele Management Forum integration framework. Weused IBM Business Process Manager platform to integrate the state-of-the-artCRM into the operator’s core systems.

Micro Flows to bridge the gap

We used in-memory micro flows to mask the complexities of the legacy billing and provisioning system, so the system could accommodate for modern onboarding and service request workflows

Robust platform for future upgrades

These time-critical business flows were built in such a way that the operator could add new capabilities easily. This allowed the operator to modify the customer order handling workflow to provision for traditional as well as next generation digital products & services as well

Bespoke Customer Order Management Engine

We built a bespoke Customer Order Management Engine which drew information from the Product Master Data management (MDM) system to reference product information used to fulfill customer order

Retail & Enterprise

Our solution allowed the operator to roll out its new services across both retail and enterprise customer segments which had very different product characteristics

A business-first approach

We used a business rule engine to orchestrate the decisions made the by system so that the behavior of connected systems could be changed seamlessly and with ease

Resiliency as the base

The solution was built to be resilient to any level of complexity, using the state of the art application resilient techniques supported by IBM Business Process Management Platform, Business Rules Management Platform and the Enterprise Integration Platform.


  • We enabled the operator to have a fully functioning state-of-the-art CRM within their legacy core application ecosystem
  • The operator was able to introduce newer products, features and innovations that were customer centric, using the customer order orchestration engine
  • We allowed the operator to automate the troubleshoot ticket handling with increased visibility to contact center staff, allowing for faster resolution and turnaround

As a result of the project, the operator was able to overhaul its products and offerings to both retail and enterprise customers, with a customer centric approach. With this the operator saw a more seamless and faster launch of newer digital products and services, allowing for better customer retention and increase in revenue per customer.

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