Critical infrastructure
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Our client was a telecom operator which plays a significant role in the country’s information network. With many large enterprises and public sector organizations relying on the operator for connectivity, the operator wanted to provide a solution that allowed its customers to embrace hosted managed services and cloud services, allowing these companies to reduce CAPEX & OPEX, as well as allow for a more agile IT environment

Additionally, the operator saw an enormous opportunity with financial services, who had to maintain customer data within the country, in secure datacenters. With this in mind, the operator decided to construct a 500-rack data center in the western province

Our Solution

Our solution was the end-to-end construction of the datacenter, from consultation, design, construction of all systems in the datacenter. We were tasked with the monumental effort of bringing together various systems that interfaced with each other to create the country’s first purpose-built Tier III data center. It’s features include

1.     Certified as a Gold rated green building from Green building council of Sri Lanka.

2.     Largest data center in Sri Lanka in terms of IT load

3.     A capacity of 500 racks with a power density of 5kW per rack, total 2.5MW IT Load in phase wise expansion.

4.     Country’s largest deployment of UPS solution, nearly 1MW capacity for continuous power operation

5.     Advanced 2N UPS power distribution architecture up to IT load as per Tier IV guidelines.

6.     N+1 redundant electrical distribution system

7.     N+1 redundant chilled water-cooling system.

8.     Concurrent maintainable electrical and mechanical distribution system.

9.     Advanced continuous cooling operations as per Tier IV guidelines.

10.  Thermal storage tank, pump and PAHU with N+1 redundant cooling system.

11.  Separated high-density and low-density IT rack loading area.

12.  72-hour diesel fuel storage at full load capacity.

13.  Individual rack/socket level power metering and billing.

14.  C1 lighting protectionsystem.

15.  Redundant entrance rooms, in-house NBN nodes, optical fiber connectivity.

16.  NFV enabled fully redundant data center active network.

17.  Rack level 100M/1G/10Guplink capacity.

18.  24/7 Network operations center (NOC)

19.  Video wall for easy monitoring of entire data center.

20.  Building Management System for easy visibility to each Datacenter subsystem.

21.  24/7 facility monitoring

22.  NOVEC 1230 gaseous fire suppression system.

23.  Surveillance system with CCTV monitoring, Bio matric access controls.

24.  Containment and caging systems with individually lockable racks.

25.  Latest Fiber Optic Technologies like MPO, OM4 for enhanced bandwidth of 40G/100G connectivity inCore Network.

26.  Redundant Fiber Cable paths to maximize the network availability.

27.  Overhead Racks to avoid placing service provider equipment inside the customer racks & givethe full use of Rack U space to the customer.

28.  Meeting Room, staging room, Rest area for client staff and employees, customer working area(Dedicated /Shared) and large customer parking area.

29.  Service lift facility available with high equipment load capacity.

30.  Implemented with world leading product brands CISCO, CommScope, ABB, APC, Uniflair, Caterpillar, Trane, Hewlett Packard, and Schneider Electric.


  • As a result of the project, the operator was able to provide a quintessential infrastructure to Sri Lanka’s digital transformation journey
  • Set the tone for other enterprises and operators to following, being the first green building certified Tier III datacenter in Sri Lanka
  • It lowered the total cost of ownership of IT infrastructure for Sri Lankan businesses

Asa result of the Tier III data centre, the operator was not just able to catalyze other businesses in their digital transformation journey, but also position itself as more than just a telecom operator, but rather a growth partner for the Sri Lankan economy

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