Bridging the productivity gap with the use of bots

Our client was a leading private bank who was operating a legacy core banking system, which made integration with other modern applications nearly impossible.

This was felt especially where the bank wanted to automate a number of business processes to improve efficiency. Most of the legacy applications that executed core business processes had no way of interfacing with another application nor were they able to provide a level of visibility that the customers wanted in executing their own transactions.

All this led to a poor customer experience, which had begun to weigh its toll on the bank.

Our Solution

Our solution was to assist the bank with four areas for automation; HR, Credit Card, Trade Finance and Branch Operations. We did this by introducing a centralized business process repository and a unified approach to reshape business processes through advanced modelling and simulation of business process flows

Advanced Bot to Human Interaction

Since the legacy applications did not provide a straight forward service interface required for the automation – which also could not be modified due to the established security and IT governance policies – we used advanced bot to human interaction to automate business process flows which were critical to the selected areas

Efficiencies in Onboarding

As the first phase of the automation development, we enabled the bank to automate end-to-end user provisioning and management across all key applications, and increased automation for on boarding customers onto core business functions

Optimizing resources

We optimized Bot and personnel time within business process flows and enabled advanced interactions between humans and bots. In this phase we automated a number of complex changes required on user roles in the many scenarios the banks would face


  • The bank was able to redeploy human resources to other critical tasks by deploying a User ID management system across the organization with zero human intervention through software-centric integrations and Bots
  • The bank was able to completely automate credit card onboarding and debit card issuance processes
  • With the platform centric model we implemented, the bank was able to transfer working model to other areas such as trade finance and loan origination

Asa result of the project, the bank was able to redeploy its human resources in amore efficient manner, resulting in time and cost savings previously unafforded by the bank

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