Connecting into a digital service model

Our client was a leading mobile network operator, having a significant market share of the mobile connectivity market. One growth strategy for the operator was to mobilize the developer community to build a suite of apps and services on top of the operator’s platform that allowed subscribers to buy into a variety of products and services.

However the operator found it difficult to go-to-market with speed and scale with its legacy core applications, which were not developer friendly and lacked infrastructure that enabled developers to test their applications within a telecom grade secure environment.

Our Solution

A Platform for collaboration

Our solution was to allow the operator to expose Billing, Provisioning and CRM systems as business services APIs, encouraging the developer community to build new applications and services

Creating an application ecosystem

With this solution, the operator was able to allow its subscribers to access a host of apps and services that the operator alone could not provide. This also built a strong developer community around the operator, a key enabler for growth of the operator


  • Asa result, the operator greatly expanded its offerings within a short span of time, and created a platform for rapid product development with the assistance of third party app developers; increasing customer engagement and revenue per customer

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