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Financial Services Sector


Applications that power Digital Transformation for FSOs

Robust Applications for the bank of tomorrow

As the financial services industry undergoes rapid change, we understand the need for applications that are not only agile but also compliant with the regulatory environment.

At N-able, we have partnered with leading technology vendors from across the world to create highly scalable secure application portfolios for every possible digital transformation need.

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Digital Banking



Consultancy, Design and Implementation of core banking solutions for the digital age.

Digital Front Office

Digitally driven front office operations with an omni-channel approach.

Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking solutions that drive digital transformation for the economy.


Wealth Management applications catering to developments in the industry.

Collections & Recoveries

Digitally enabled collection and recovery applications that minimize risk and grow profitability.

Advanced Analytics & Business Intellgience

Analytics and Business Intelligence application design and development.

Fraud & Risk 

Manage Fraud and Risk profiles of the FSO with cutting edge developments using data and analytics.


Leverage emerging technologies such as blockchain to lead the way in transforming the financial sector.

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Technology transformation

Technologies to scale and grow FSOs in the digital age

Technology transformation for FSOs have to be failsafe and are time-sensitive. With the industry facing disruption at an unprecedented scale, having the right transformation partner is crucial.

With N-able, FSOs are able to have peace of mind in large scale technology transformation projects and can confidently move forward in leveraging this transformation to scale its operations.

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Digital Banking


Systems & Storage

Storage Systems built to adapt and scale to the requirements of FSOs

Information Security

Security applications and solutions to manage the business and IT risk profiles of the FSO.


Solutions that allow FSOs to be agile without the need for expensive, long-term transformation projects.


Network design, development and deployment for FSOs of all sizes and specializations

Critical Facilities

End-to-end critical facility solutions , from consultancy, design, development, deployment to post-implementation maintenance tuned specifically for FSOs.

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Teams with Extensive Experience in the FSO Sector

Domain expertise combined with deep technical skills

The key differentiator in N-able's FSO practice is our team. Over the years, we've built a team with decades of experience in the FSO sector with strong domain expertise. Coupled with the team's deep technical skills, we are able to provide a technology transformation for FSOs that is unmatched.

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Digital Banking Framework

Our Proprietary Digital Transformation Landscape for FSOs

The Digital Banking Framework is a proprietary model developed by N-able, to create a map for technology transformation of FSOs, regardless of at which stage they are in their digital maturity. This maps out all possible areas for digital transformation for an FSO, and provides clarity as to the entire suite of services offered by N-able to FSOs.

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